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Brant and Joyce Wilson sold their New Hampshire home with the help of Apple Orchard Realty's Liz Bruce.

“We have worked with Liz several times,” said Brant and Joyce Wilson, who sold their home with the help of Apple Orchard Realty’s Liz Bruce. “She is professional, knows the market and has a great personal touch. Thanks, Liz.”

Your home has been a treasure to you, and will be to your buyer as well. The right preparation, marketing and presentation will bring its true value home to buyers – and to you.

What Is My Home Worth?
Accurately assessing current market conditions is a critical first step toward determining your home’s sale price. I’ve worked in every kind of economy, and will conduct a market analysis based on similar properties and various market factors. Asking the right amount from the start is key, because while asking too little is also a mistake, asking too much can cause a home to linger on the market, forcing price reductions and making it harder for you to plan for the future. My home valuations have borne out time and again as highly accurate, leading to a quicker sale at the best price.

How to Market Your Home
Once the analysis is done, an asking price has been set, and we’ve presented your home to the best advantage, it’s time to market your home. Some of the tools I use are:

  • MLS listing. The MLS is the most widely used search tool for buyers. Your home will be beautifully photographed and described, with every asset highlighted, for the listing.
  • Online advertising. Apple Orchard Realty’s site is search-engine optimized, bringing other viewers to your listing, and depending on the market, we may place ads in the most fruitful external sites as well.
  • Print advertising and materials. Print media ads and informational flyers will be professionally written and designed.
  • Open house. The open house is an opportunity I utilize to full effect to welcome potential buyers into your home and help them envision their own future there.
  • Private showings. I’ll arrange showings around your schedule, to minimize impact on your day-to-day life.
  • Networking. Word-of-mouth can bring the perfect buyer to your door, and I’ll share information with my contacts to get the word out about your home.

Getting Started
The process begins with a visit. I will provide an honest appraisal of your home, and explain how to show your home to the best advantage. I’ll explain what will happen next, and how best to approach the financial issues involved. Next, I’ll prepare a market analysis for you, and explain where your home fits into the market. We’ll discuss how current market conditions affect our search for potential buyers, who those buyers might be, and how to attract them to your home.

I can also help you prepare for your move, by discussing your goals and putting you in touch with additional resources or professionals you may need. » Contact Apple Orchard Realty to get started

The Advantages of Experience
Having the information you need right from the start is important. When you sell your home, you need a realistic expectation of your net sales price in order to plan for the future – and there is no substitute for the knowledge gained over many years in real estate for anticipating that price. You also need an experienced realtor who knows local and state laws, real estate practices, and how to avoid common pitfalls along the way.

I make sure my clients have the information they need at the outset so they are equipped to move forward successfully. And I carefully shepherd the process, from start to finish.

Contact Me
Contact me and we’ll get started today. Call me at (603) 673-8388, email me at, or contact me here.